ICC Prince Hills Centre


Located to the north outskirt of Guangzhou, China,  ICC PH Centre is a real country escape from the lousy city. There is a lake amongst the hills, which makes it a perfect environment for researchers who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and life.  The gallery space attached to it welcomes quality audience on regular basis and also gives researchers opportunities to present their practices.

Director ICC PH Centre  : Ryan K.L. Jiang


As the current Chief Executive  and Creative Director of the ICC , Ryan also hosts the ICC PH Centre for his own practices and ICC researches and educations. Graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London with MA degree in radio, Ryan has been a cura-editor through out his career, across all media including, Radio, TV, Website and Magazine. He worked with international organizations including, BBC, Guardian, Venice Biennalle Art Exhibitions, Basel Art, Wallpaper* Magazine, HarperCollins and etc…

Research Interests:

Medium of Art and design, New media art, Medium for publishing, Curating new media art, Interaction design for creative message, Sound as medium for art and experiences, Journalism for Art and Design.