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Initiated in 2009 and officially founded in 2012, Institute of Creative Communications with its international, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and futuristic visions, experiments and practises over research, education, curating, media production and publishing.  Gathering both established and emerging international creatives from Fine Art, New Media Art, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Information Technology and etc. , ICC sets out to seek a “Gesamtkunstwerk” approach for creative communications. ICC also believes in the integrity of communications via creativity generated from the most efficient and direct media. Therefore, ICC researches into new creative communication channels, scopes to look into the creative contents, the interactions among different creative categories, in order to curate, produce, and publish responsible,organic, diverse, ground-breaking, and foreseeing creative outputs.

We invite researchers, editors, curators, designers, artists and creative directors around the world to collaborate on diverse researches, publications,curatorial projects and productions, based on their fields of knowledge, interests, ways of working and aspirations.The openness of ICC allows creatives with various visions to join in and work out opportunities of commissions.


(Due to the Sustainability Policy within the ICC, we recommend paper-less communications. Thanks! )

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