ICC Acoustic Resin


[Acoustic Resin] , as one of the Associate Research Centres of ICC in the UK,  is a non-profit organisation that invites different artists from all disciplines to question, experiment and critically discuss all aspects of Sound Installation Art.

[Acoustic Resin] offers aesthetic and technical advice related with sound offered by the team as well as an art studio where artists can undertake residencies to test and realise sound related projects. The studio currently houses numerous loudspeakers, other technical equipment and hanging possibilities that would allow multiple surround setups in an installation format.


Director of ICC Acoustic Resin : Angie Atmadjaja   Ph.D, MA, BMus


Atmadjaja is currently a working artist based in Manchester. At the University of York, she was offered a full scholarship allowing her to explore and realize works centering in abstract, minimal audio/visual installations that explore acoustic phenomena. By articulating pure sound materials such as sinewaves and filtered noise, she created works that placed viewers in a realm of pure experience where sound is perceptually tangible. Since then, she has been offered a free indefinite artist studio at Dean Clough Mills in Halifax, a based where she could work and collaborate with other artists.

Future projects in 2014 include collaboration with architect Alessandro Columbus to create an installation to be part of a three weeks sound festival in Birmingham. She has also recently been commissioned to create an installation within the 7 million virtual reality environment at Salford University in collaboration with Acoustician Ian Drumm.